CamDib03 - Magnesium Diboride Conductor Development
and Commercial Uses in the Electric Power Industries  

Held on Friday, 11th April 2003 in Pembroke College, Cambridge.

The Subject
The meeting discussed progress in conductor development and machine design using magnesium diboride conductors. Generically, these are electric motors, generators, fault current limiters, induction heaters, transformers, cables, and magnets for MRI, NMR and mineral separation. A particular focus of the meeting was on specific applications where some technical or commercial constraints are relaxed, e.g. transformers for underground trains in mines, or electric motors for military marine use, or cables inside liquid hydrogen pipelines.

Prof. Gawalek of Jena University, Germany, was our keynote speaker and began the meeting.
In the afternoon, Mike Tomsic, who leads the USA's only company dedicated to making magnesium diboride wire, gave the first presentation outside the USA of his progress and challenges.

Programme Please go to the 2003 detailed programme and online presentations.

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Local investors and entrepreneurs
Tea at 15:45 was open to the local entrepreneurial community, as was the dinner the night before.

Venue See last years report of the meeting organisation, Cambridge and Pembroke College.

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